Professor Maggie Kilgour has recently published two opinion pieces for the Montreal Gazette.

Make sure to check them out in the links below:

Opinion: Are Arts grads unemployable? No, that's a myth

The evidence shows that humanities graduates go on to all kinds of interesting careers.

Opinion: Why students persist in studying English lit in a tech world

Students studying English seek opportunities for exploration and critical thinking. This is not a luxury for either themselves or society.

McGill for Humanities is an ongoing series of discussions held by the faculty and students of McGill University, along with the wider Montreal public, on the importance of the humanities education and its role in society today.  Organized by Professor Maggie Kilgour, the idea grew out of conversations with McGill faculty members and students as they voiced their concerns about the future of the humanities education in a society which seems increasingly to value STEM educations and careers over the arts.  What followed were a series of round table discussions beginning in the Winter of 2014, where faculty members and students were invited to speak on the role of the humanities today from their different vantage points, and to discuss their ideas with the audience.  In response to widespread student interest, as well as the particular pressure to find jobs experienced by undergraduate students, McGill hosted “What Can I do with a BA in English?”, a round table discussion where McGill arts graduates who pursued careers outside the academy returned to speak to current McGill undergraduates about how their humanities education has served them in their careers. The talk was so well received that similar panels were arranged in 2016 and, most recently, in the winter of 2018.

McGill for Humanities ultimately seeks to provide a forum for students and faculty to think through the value of their own disciplines, and to support each other in using the skills learned through their humanities educations to pursue lives and careers both within and outside of the university.

For more information, contact Maggie Kilgour at mcgillforhumanities@gmail.com.

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