In the News

Press cuttings tracking developments in the humanities in higher education:

Inside Higher Ed, 7 February, 2018Shocker: Humanities Grads Gainfully Employed and Happy

Washington Post, 20 December 2017: The surprising thing Google learned about its employees – and what it means for today’s students

Washington Post, 2 September 2016: Meet the parents who won’t let their children study literature

Washington Post, 18 February 2016: We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training

CBC News, 16 February 2016: Maritime Universities See Plunging Enrollment in Humanities Programs

Nevertheless, Employers Value A Humanities Education:

CBC News, 16 September 2015: Employers Value Soft Skills, But Don’t Seek Them Out, Expert Says

The Guardian, 26 September 2015Japan’s Humanities Chop Sends Shivers Down Academic Spines

Time, 16 September 2015: Alarm Over Huge Cuts to Humanities and Social Sciences at Japanese Universities


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