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Humanities Roundtable Discussions:

12 February: “Why Study English?”

Following last year’s discussion by Gerry Butts, McGill English alumnus – and longtime senior political advisor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – about his transition from English graduate student to embarking upon a diverse political and advocacy-focused career, this year’s roundtable turned towards current English students at McGill who examined why they pursue the study of the literary arts. Moderated by Professor Maggie Kilgour, this panel featured undergraduate students Nichole Chrenek, Ronny Litvack-Katzman, and Haley O’Halloran, alongside graduate students Jana Perkins, Leehu Sigler, and Rachel Smith.

Roundtable Discussion: “Why Study English?”; February 12, 2019


Humanities Roundtable Discussions:

11 March: “Life After English”

The return of last year’s popular roundtable discussion on the value of a Humanities degree, where five McGill graduates spoke about how their education in the humanities helped them in their careers: Anna Asimakopulos, former longtime TV arts reporter and News Assignment Editor for CBC Montreal; Amahl Hazelton, 2005-2009 Lead Project Manager, Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, Urban Strategist for Moment Factory; Declan Rankin Jardin, co-founder and Chief Beekeeper, Aleveole Urban Bee-keeping and Honey Company; Emma McKay, founder and head MudScout Publishing company, editor-in-chief of AskMen, International men’s lifestyle website; Deena Yanofsky, Associate Librarian, McGill University.

Roundtable Discussion: “Life After English”; March 11, 2016


Humanities Roundtable discussions:

23 January: Nathalie Cooke (English), Suzanne Morton (History and Classical Studies); Lucy Ava Liu (Political Science); Vivian Feldblyum(Philosophy)

Roundtable Discussion; January 23, 2014

4 February: Hans Beck (History and Classical Studies); Marguerite Deslauriers (Philosophy);  Rafico Ruiz (Architecture/ Art History and Communication Studies); Kevin Droz (English)

Roundtable Discussion; February 4, 2014

18 March: Annmarie Adams (Architecture); Darin Barney (Art History and Communication Studies); Alexander McAuley (History and Classical Studies); Jennifer Yida Pan (English)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

1 April: Eugenio Bolongaro (Dept of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Director of the Liberal Arts Program); Gwendolyn Owens, (Senior Adviser Visual Arts Collection, McGill University); Maggie Kilgour (English); Sarah Stroud, (Philosophy, Associate Vice-Principal of Research and International Relations); Stefan Sinclair, (Digital Humanities); Nathalie Cooke, (English); Hans Beck, (Ancient History); John MacNaughton (History,Classical Studies; Chair of Classics, and Director of Classical Studies); Darin Barney, (Art History and Communication studies; Canada Research Chair in Technology & Citizenship); Jennifer Yida Pan(English, 2nd year MA student); Alex McCauley (History and Classical Studies, doctoral student); Eric Tweel  (Philosophy and Political Science, undergraduate student); Lucy Ava Liu (Honours Political Science, undergraduate student)

Part 1

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